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2022-02-22 Tricking Bacteria To Convert CO2

Scientists found how to trick bacteria into converting CO2 into acetone or isopropanol. This could remove CO2 from the atmosphere.

2021-08-25 LED Streetlights Are Killing Moths In England

LED streetlights are decimating moths in England. The LEDs have blue light which insects use to see. The moths are pollinators like bees plus they’re food for many animals. There are a number of solutions for mitigating the problem. The blue light can be filtered out, among other things. My thinking is that the streetlights

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2021-07-15 Huge Goldfish In Lakes Threatening Ecosystems

Goldfish dumped in lakes are growing huge, threatening other species. But they might be fun to catch when fishing!

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2021-05-01 IPBES – Key Points, Climate Action Tracker

I got these links from this JHAT video. << Marine and terrestrial ecosystems are the sole sinks for anthropogenic carbon emissions, with a gross sequestration of 5.6 gigatons of carbon per year (the equivalent of some 60 per cent of global anthropogenic emissions). >> This is also from JHAT Quote from <<

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2021-03-24 We Don’t Know What We Don’t Know

From a thread about what are the chances of intelligent life on other worlds outside of our solar system. Rick Flemming Why should anyone agree that “…the probability of life on other planets is greater than zero.” There is the thin sliver of the pie chart with *things we know*. The rest of the pie

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