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2021-11-12 Doubt Is Their Product – Climate Change

Section on CLIMATE CHANGE p.197 << The next subject the denials and distortions of the Bush administration on global warming is more widely known, but it is too important to pass over entirely. On the other hand, the deniers’ argument is rooted in the classic “Uncertainty!” attack we have seen played out in industry after

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2021-11-07 Climate Change Deniers False Narratives

Michael Peck Gregory Stanley how climate deniers “use numbers to deceive.” This commenter would have us believe that manmade CO2 in the atmosphere is insignificant. Of course this is a absurd statement. He’s basically telling us that all the climate scientists at our national laboratories, at our research institutions, and that our private institutes, along

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2021-11-04 Rising Sea Threatens Tribal Lands

On the Olympic Peninsula in Washington Rising ocean waters threaten tribal lands 3 min video.

2021-11-03 The Enigma Of Climate Inaction This hour long video is summed up by the first slide, << Main messages – It’s complicated! – Humans really don’t understand human behaviour. – How we ‘act out’ in life springs from a complex interplay of nature and nurture. – From the perspective of the public good’, H. sapiens is not primarily a

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2021-10-31 Restoring Whales Capture 1.7 B Tonnes CO2/Yr

Restoring whales to their pre-hunting numbers could capture 1.7 billion tonnes of CO2 per year.

2021-10-30 Wind Turbines And Birds, Eagles

Eagles are being protected by a camera system with artificial intelligence called Identi-Flight that spots birds such as eagles and shuts down the wind turbine until the bird has flown away. Eagles and other animals are threatened by bites from black flies called buffalo gnats. High rainfall causes the flies to hatch early. The huge

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2021-10-29 Climate Shadow And Carbon Footprint

This is a 6 minute Cleantechnica article on carbon tax.

2021-10-25 Wokewashing – Fossil Fuel Industry Tool

From FB group Climate Change


2021-10-24 Intell: Climate Change Bring Global Tension

Climate Change will bring global tension, US intelligence report says.

2021-10-14 The Climate Disaster Is Here

The climate disaster is already here. The maps show extreme temperatures, droughts, flooding, etc. for 1.5, 2.0, 3.0 deg. C rise.

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