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2022-05-30 Robert Reich & Tax Cuts, Stock Buybacks

A 2 min. video about Trump era tax cuts, and broken promises of tax cuts for the wealthy benefitting the middle class with more jobs and better pay. <<Tax cuts do not contribute to productivity. There is no “trickle down” from a stock buyback. >> – Robert Reich


2022-02-23 Economic Inequality: Kroger

A quote dated today about 1:30 PM from… Robert Reich 49 minutes ago << Kroger paid its CEO more than $22 million. The CEO-to-worker pay ratio at the company is 909-to-1. According to an Economic Roundtable survey of more than 10,000 Kroger workers, about 75% are food insecure and 14% have experienced homelessness. This is

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2021-01-29 CEOs Don’t Care About Democracy

It’s a sad fact that what he says is true: the US is a dollarocracy, not democracy.

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