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2021-10-07 Nuclear Fusion Confusion Explained

Sabine explains the difference between nuclear fusion reaction’s Qplasma and Qtotal. There is a huge difference between the two. To put out more power than is needed to keep the reactor running, the output of the fusion reaction must be greater than Qtotal. At the rate the experiments are progressing, it will be many decades

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2021-09-29 Nuclear Fusion Will Always Be 20 Years Away

This video brings reality to the nuclear fusion gamble. He uses not encouraging words like: “This is a common bamboozling tactic that’s frequently used in fusion.” “Unethical, privately funded startup…” “…use the hype to sell their shares for higher than they bought them.” Especially discouraging is the difficulty of breeding tritium. It’s supposedly going to

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2021-07-26 Nuclear Fusion Research Is A Waste Of Money

From FB comment Paddy Mendez The money spent on fusion research is wasted because thermonuclear fusion is *already* available, free of charge, to anyone who wants it. That wasted fusion money could have instead been spent on “pure scientific research” and “a great many advances [could] have come from them and many more to follow”

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