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2020-08-31 Costs of Wind Power; Life Cycle GHGs (Wiki)

From The cost of wind power is less than solar. << In the windy great plains expanse of the central United States new-construction wind power costs in 2017 are compellingly below costs of continued use of existing coal burning plants. Wind power can be contracted via a power purchase agreement at two cents per

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2020-08-30 Elon Musk – Inside His Mind

This 28 minute YouTube podcast is a great way to understand how Musk sees the world and his company’s place in it. He even talks a bit about Bitcoin at the end (no, he’s not going to). There is very little about the cars themselves — these interviewers are investors so they are interested in

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2020-08-29 The California Duck Curve Explained

This article is from 2016 and things have changed even more. The California duck curve that can be seen in the daily load at shows how utility scale solar is generating so much power during the day that the rest of the power plants have to generate less and less. Then as the sunlight

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2020-08-29 Thucydides Quotes

Profound. Shows that time has changed little.


2020-08-28 Nikola Tour; Trevor Milton

This is a long 1h 18min very informative YouTube video all about Nikola (NKLA) and a tour with its chairman, Trevor Milton. When you see their prototyping shop you will see that he’s serious and very passionate about his products. He’s very knowledgeable about his products; he’s a very hands-on person. Trevor said that they

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2020-08-28 Herbalife: Bribery In China fined 123 Million

Who was the guy who said that Herbalife was a Ponzi scheme company? Anyway, they got caught and now have to pay a massive fine.

2020-07-28 Tesla Patent for Battery; Clean Energy Stocks

A comment from YouTube video Tesla’s new patent WO2019241869 ****************************** Clean energy stock recommendations I’m especially attracted to 2 of them. Another attractive stock:

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2020-08-28 OMG Dirty Tricks Climate Scientists Faced

The dirty tricks climate scientists faced. Just like the tobacco industry tried to do. But in this case they’re damaging the Earth and all of the lives on it. And that is just plain unacceptable.

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2020-08-27 Jacob Blake Shooting And Black Lives Matter

The last few days/nights have been marked by violence in Kenosha, WI after Jacob Blake was shot by a policeman. Notice he was shot 7 times after failing to obay the orders of police, and has survived but may be paralyzed. This was a single black man shot and the public reaction has been one

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2020-08-27 Arctic Ice Melting; Erin Brockovich Book

OMG! The dog sled mushers are going to have to trade their dog sleds in for a boat! Superman is not coming: America Water Crisis a book by Erin Brockovich

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