2020-08-27 Jacob Blake Shooting And Black Lives Matter

The last few days/nights have been marked by violence in Kenosha, WI after Jacob Blake was shot by a policeman. Notice he was shot 7 times after failing to obay the orders of police, and has survived but may be paralyzed. This was a single black man shot and the public reaction has been one of extreme overreaction. When hundreds of black people are shot in a matter of weeks in the US it seems hypocritical to single out a single incident for such extreme overreaction. Some athletes protested this incident with a walkout(?) And their spokesman said some very emotional words which to my thinking was an overreaction.

The policeman may be convicted of a crime, but then he may not be, in which case people all over may start another round of unneeded violence over a fair trial. It’s time that those with a

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