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2022-03-22 US Automakers Stifled Ni-MH Battery Use In BEVs

The US automakers stifled the use of Ni-MH battery technology in battery electric vehicles. These protracted battles dealt with patent rights, litigation, gag orders, and especially sales of companies to corporations. Wikipedia wiki

2020-11-11 Redox Flow W/O Vanadium; Chinese Anti-Capitalism Economics

Researchers have come up with a redox flow battery that uses organic chemicals in place of toxic and expensive vanadium. They cost less than half as much, too. We need to have millions of these made and deployed over the whole world to solve the intermittent renewables problem. Chinese Anti-capitalist economics The capitalist way

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2020-07-28 Tesla Patent for Battery; Clean Energy Stocks

A comment from YouTube video Tesla’s new patent WO2019241869 ****************************** Clean energy stock recommendations I’m especially attracted to 2 of them. Another attractive stock:

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2020-06-18 Michael Pupin & Patents

From the list of his patents in his wiki. Armstrong co-authored some patents.

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