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2021-10-01 Nuclear Power Phase Out In EU

Quote: << For those wondering what is happening with nuclear power, it is set to be phased-out by 2030 in Belgium, Germany, Spain, and Switzerland. Italy has already closed all of its functioning nuclear plants as of 2020. Nevertheless, electricity sourced from nuclear power stations will grow 1% in 2021 and even 2% in 2022.

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2021-09-30 Offshore Wind Blows 24 hrs / 365 days

There are some renewables that are almost 100% reliable. One is geothermal power. Another might be offshore wind turbines. Quote: from description in YouTube video << Offshore wind farms solve one of renewable energy’s biggest problems: unreliability. With wind almost always blowing on sea, there is no lack of power. >>

2021-09-29 Renewables plus Storage Are Replacing Fossil Fuel Plants

Reply on SCE sponsored FB ad Larry Jasmin You can degree-wave all you want and it doesn’t change the facts: you’re being ignored by the ones who make the decisions on what generation sources are going to be replacing thermal power plants. It’s understandable that you’re concerned about losing your job along with thermal power

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2021-09-28 German Offshore Wind Farms; Recycling Blades

The narrator goes to the offshore wind turbine to show us a 6.2 MW wind turbine. The key takeaway is that these offshore wind turbines solve the wind turbine intermittency problem because it’s windy as hell out there 24 hours, 365 days a year. He said the transmission line to southern Germany was supposed to

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2021-09-21 Government Should’ve Moved Earlier To Low Carbon

The key is: (quote) << Heat pumps for homes could also reduce the UK’s reliance on gas, added Jan Rosenow, Europe director at the Regulatory Assistance Project, as they run on electricity, though electricity in the UK is partly generated by gas. “But even if all of the electricity used by heat pumps was generated

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2021-09-08 Wind, Solar More Scaleable in China

In this article the author assesses the statuses of wind, solar and nuclear in China.


2021-09-05 New Mexico Is Going Green

My comment: New Mexico’s progress is an example that all states should try to emulate. It’s great to see that most of these projects also have storage. New Mexico is part of the western power grid, and when Texas had the blackout during the February winter storm, the El Paso area was also hooked to

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2021-09-05 California Floating Offshore Wind

Guardian article about offshore floating wind turbines. There needs to be a huge amount of wind turbines installed by 2030.

2021-08-24 California’s Offshore Wind Benefits

This short synopsis of a report says that California offshore wind has a high 50% capacity factor and “could help solve California’s reliability problem”. But is California’s electricity unreliable? I didn’t think so. What’s remarkable is that offshore wind is shown to be blowing steadily 24 hours; I’m sure there are times when the wind

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2021-08-15 LCOEs + Forecasts For 2030, 2040

Renewables are lower than fossil fuels. Study by Fraunhofer in Germany which has less sunlight.

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