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2023-07-29 Big Oil Shill lies To Us

This shill for the fossil fuels industries is trying to tell us that we have to stop making things from fossil fuels – that’s a LIE! What must be stopped is adding CO2 – carbon dioxide – or methane to the atmosphere. The burning of oil, gas or coal must be stopped so no more

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2022-04-02 Wind & Solar 20% AGR Is Not Good Enough

This article doesn’t make sense! First they said that if renewables AGR stays at least 20% we will meet 1.5 degrees C. Then they said that solar and wind just covered the total growth in 2021!!!! We’re going nowhere! Just treading water! We need to get rid of coal! It’s the worst for pollution and

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2022-02-03 Electricity: China Uses 2600 MW By Year End

Wow! 2600 GW total by year’s end! That’s *twice* as much as the whole US uses! But it’s really amazing that half of that will be renewables, which is a very commendable achievement since China’s renewables have grown a huge amount very quickly. The only sad part is that so much of the total is

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2021-12-24 Renewables Vs Fossil Fuels: VALCOE

Engineering with Rosie dives into the VALCOE – value adjusted levelized cost of energy. This is adjusted for time of use – most solar is available only during daylight hours. She uses a car race analogy to compare the solar, onshore wind, coal and gas. Solar and wind win the race. One thing I

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2020-03-07 Coal And Its Evil Results

In China, industries burned coal and people burned coal for cooking and heating. In cities like Beijing the air pollution was so bad that it was hard to see the stop lights and pedestrians had to wear facemasks. The pollution killed estimated millions of people with lung problems. China realized this and has done a

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