2023-08-07 Auto ECM Electronic Repair – A New Business Opportunity

This is a quote from a post in a group about auto ECM – electronic control module – repair.

“”Andrew Brown 12h

To the young budding electronics techs out there – listen up.

This is a potential opportunity for you to build a decent business with pretty dedicated customers. (No involvement on my part.)

The auto industry has a problem on its hands. Many older boards are very hard to find and often damaged. Some more recent ones require “VIN Matching” and other 2 way verification processes.

There are guys like me that run service trucks and have clients with very specific needs that from a repair standpoint are usually not very complicated.

Large trucks and machines have processers that need to often be replaced with refurbished units for prices reaching into the 10’s of thousands of dollars.

Look into it. There is a huge gap in the supply of refurbished auto/hd/machine ECU/ECM/ controllers.

For example (for your research purposes) Chevy/GMC use something called a BCM. The body control module can die if a vehicle battery is left to die, gets boosted or the circuit experiences a short/out of range condition.

It is $900 Cdn to replace new if they can find one. It is virtually undiagnosable beyond symptoms as mentioned above. I get about 1 of these calls a month as a one man operation with minimal advertising.

Look into it. The market is there.

(Pics of some of the electrical i do.)

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