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2021-05-11 Power Supply Protection Diodes

First off, *all* power supplies should have what this one has. A high current diode across the output jacks, cathode or banded end to positive. This is to protect the output from reverse voltage. A high current diode across the 2N3055 pass transistor, cathode or banded end towards the collector. This protects the transistor from

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2021-02-25 Set Blows Out Substitute Diodes

From FB group I take … Alejandro Cruz He said a diode is a diode but there are more than volts and current. The reverse recovery time is important. If it is rectifying 50 or 60 Hz AC then standard recovery time is good. If it’s rectifying high frequencies then it should be fast recovery

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2020-02-08 60 LED Solar Lights Stopped Working – Dead Diode!

From FB group electronics hobbyists Over the holidays I installed two solar 60 LED lights I bought on eBay. They stopped working just a few weeks after. I finally got up on the ladder and took them down to see why they died. Well, spit! The solar panel is plugged into the jack on the

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2020-01-10 Corrosion and Damage On Diode Leads

This photo is a detector diode that was broken during replacing the electrolytic capacitors.  The lead on the top was twisted, apparently putting stress on the glass package.  I replaced it with a 1N270 germanium diode. comment from fb group Vintage Transistor Radios Did you notice that the leads are magnetic? They stick to the

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2015-04-29 Humongous Rectifier Diode

I ordered a half dozen of these huge, high current rectifiers from Goldmine for use as paper weights.  That’s about all they can be used for until I find some specs or a data sheet for them. The metal base is 3 inches or 76 mm square. I have seen rectifiers much smaller than this

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2015-02-03 USD5096F 35Amp Schottky Diode

Goldmine Electronics had a sale on USD5096F 35 Volt, 35Amp Schottky diodes (they’re now sold out), so I bought a handful.  These are the old style all metal stud mount package, and come without any mounting hardware.  The stud is 1/4 x 28 threads, so I had to order some 1/4 x 28 TPI nuts

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2013-06-22 Increasing The Power Of A Zener Diode

I did a search of my blog and I couldn’t find this topic, so I think that I blogged this ‘way back in my late, great watsonseblog.  So I’ll go over this again. Sometimes it’s necessary to use a Zener diode for overvoltage protection.  It can also be used as a shunt regulator, but nowadays

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2012-09-20 Supercharged High Efficiency Joule Thief

The photo is of one of my Supercharged Joule Thief circuits that I built a few years ago.  This one has a supply current of 70 mA at 1.5V and a LED current of 25 mA at 3.3V (actually 25 millivolts measured across the 1 ohm [2 resistors] in series with the LED’s green wire). 

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2012-07-18 Closeup Photo of Germanium Diode

I took this pic a while ago, May, 2001.  The germanium chip and catwhisker are so clear and visible.  The GI stands for General Instrument company, the maker.  I know that silicon chips are light sensitive.  If germanium chips are, then this one should make a good light detector.

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