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From FB group Building Transistor Radios 2019-03-19 John Ferguson Yeah, I used to use the Sylvania ECG and the NTE catalogs to cross-reference transistors. But then I got some better product manuals from the makers, especially Motorola and National Semi. And I got hold of the professional industry documents. ECG and NTE give a ‘one

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2019-02-05 Floating Detector Diodes Are Not A Good Design.

from FB group Building Transistor Radios 2019-02-05 Graeme Heal Aaron Cake has a lot of good circuits and projects. But this one uses the ‘floating detector diode’ with no DC return path, so the circuit will only work if the diode’s leakage current provides the discharge. That means the diode must be germanium, not silicon,

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2019-02-01 Raytheon 1N128 Germanium Diodes

Link left on FB group Building Transistor Radios Someone in the group mentioned a source of crystal radio parts, Small Bear Electronics and linked to their website. I found that they had some germanium diodes, Raytheon 1N128, and they showed the reel of them, so I thought my chances of getting factory parts would be

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2019-01-11 The 1N60P “Germanium” Diode Issue

From FB group Markku Vuorensivu I bought some 1N60P “germanium” diodes and I found they are not germanium, they are Schottky silicon diodes. They do not work like germanium diodes in circuits that depend on the leakage that germanium diodes have. The Schottky or germanium diodes can be checked for reverse leakage and germanium will

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2015-04-29 Humongous Rectifier Diode

I ordered a half dozen of these huge, high current rectifiers from Goldmine for use as paper weights.  That’s about all they can be used for until I find some specs or a data sheet for them. The metal base is 3 inches or 76 mm square. I have seen rectifiers much smaller than this

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2015-02-03 USD5096F 35Amp Schottky Diode

Goldmine Electronics had a sale on USD5096F 35 Volt, 35Amp Schottky diodes (they’re now sold out), so I bought a handful.  These are the old style all metal stud mount package, and come without any mounting hardware.  The stud is 1/4 x 28 threads, so I had to order some 1/4 x 28 TPI nuts

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2013-06-22 Increasing The Power Of A Zener Diode

I did a search of my blog and I couldn’t find this topic, so I think that I blogged this ‘way back in my late, great watsonseblog.  So I’ll go over this again. Sometimes it’s necessary to use a Zener diode for overvoltage protection.  It can also be used as a shunt regulator, but nowadays

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2012-09-20 Supercharged High Efficiency Joule Thief

The photo is of one of my Supercharged Joule Thief circuits that I built a few years ago.  This one has a supply current of 70 mA at 1.5V and a LED current of 25 mA at 3.3V (actually 25 millivolts measured across the 1 ohm [2 resistors] in series with the LED’s green wire). 

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2012-07-18 Closeup Photo of Germanium Diode

I took this pic a while ago, May, 2001.  The germanium chip and catwhisker are so clear and visible.  The GI stands for General Instrument company, the maker.  I know that silicon chips are light sensitive.  If germanium chips are, then this one should make a good light detector.

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