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2020-02-08 60 LED Solar Lights Stopped Working – Dead Diode!

From FB group electronics hobbyists Over the holidays I installed two solar 60 LED lights I bought on eBay. They stopped working just a few weeks after. I finally got up on the ladder and took them down to see why they died. Well, spit! The solar panel is plugged into the jack on the

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2020-01-10 Corrosion and Damage On Diode Leads

This photo is a detector diode that was broken during replacing the electrolytic capacitors.  The lead on the top was twisted, apparently putting stress on the glass package.  I replaced it with a 1N270 germanium diode. comment from fb group Vintage Transistor Radios Did you notice that the leads are magnetic? They stick to the

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2015-04-29 Humongous Rectifier Diode

I ordered a half dozen of these huge, high current rectifiers from Goldmine for use as paper weights.  That’s about all they can be used for until I find some specs or a data sheet for them. The metal base is 3 inches or 76 mm square. I have seen rectifiers much smaller than this

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2015-02-03 USD5096F 35Amp Schottky Diode

Goldmine Electronics had a sale on USD5096F 35 Volt, 35Amp Schottky diodes (they’re now sold out), so I bought a handful.  These are the old style all metal stud mount package, and come without any mounting hardware.  The stud is 1/4 x 28 threads, so I had to order some 1/4 x 28 TPI nuts

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2013-06-22 Increasing The Power Of A Zener Diode

I did a search of my blog and I couldn’t find this topic, so I think that I blogged this ‘way back in my late, great watsonseblog.  So I’ll go over this again. Sometimes it’s necessary to use a Zener diode for overvoltage protection.  It can also be used as a shunt regulator, but nowadays

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2012-09-20 Supercharged High Efficiency Joule Thief

The photo is of one of my Supercharged Joule Thief circuits that I built a few years ago.  This one has a supply current of 70 mA at 1.5V and a LED current of 25 mA at 3.3V (actually 25 millivolts measured across the 1 ohm [2 resistors] in series with the LED’s green wire). 

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2012-07-18 Closeup Photo of Germanium Diode

I took this pic a while ago, May, 2001.  The germanium chip and catwhisker are so clear and visible.  The GI stands for General Instrument company, the maker.  I know that silicon chips are light sensitive.  If germanium chips are, then this one should make a good light detector.

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