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2021-03-31 Fatal Shooting City Of Orange

Not much information. Update April 1 – the Orange PD had a news conference this morning at 10 AM and gave very few details, saying the investigation was ongoing. They gave the name of the suspect but all victims were not identified. The suspect and victims had a personal and/or business relationship; it was

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2021-04-14 Working A Retail Job

I’ve been hearing about all the problems that people I’ve known have had when working in the retail / commercial industry. This has been especially difficult this past year due to the pandemic. So many jobs lost and so much upheaval and uncertainty. My ex-coworker told me about the experiences he had when working for

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2021-03-30 Aus Scientists Achieve Brkthru Carbon Capture

This method captures CO2 and stores it on calcium carbonate and produces green hydrogen at the same time. It can use treated seawater. Article has a link to the research paper. The world needs carbon capture on a massive scale. This is interesting because it accomplishes both green hydrogen generation and CO2 capture.

2021-03-30 VW Changes To Voltswagen In US

April Fools! << Voltswagen >> 😂😂😂

2021-03-29 Biomass Vs. Solar Power

“Solar panels can produce 100 times as much power per acre as biomass.”

2021-03-29 The Choice To Join A Union Is Up To The Workers in USA

A quote from Pres. Biden: “The choice to join a union is up to the workers — full stop. [in the USA] Today and over the next few days and weeks workers in Alabama and all across America are voting on whether to organize a union in their workplace. This is vitally important — a

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2021-03-29 Terrestrial Thermonuclear Fusion

In this Tech For Luddites YouTube video the lady from India explains the drawbacks of ‘terrestrial fusion’. For instance there are only 21 kilograms of tritium in the world. It has to be bred in a [fission] reactor. For an 800 MW fusion plant it will take 125 kg of tritium per year to run

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2021-03-28 Lavo, Hydrogen

From TSLA group – about hydrogen from my blog previous to this one. Nick Carrière Said, “…fundamental flaws with hydrogen vehicles…” Well, first off ‘converting to AC for a motor’ is necessary for battery EVs, too. But the losses are only a few percent either way. Said, “Total energy losses are several times higher…” That

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2021-03-28 Gov’t Should Fund Green Hydrogen Plant

Also on FB group The govt should fund a plant for electrolyzing green hydrogen from water. This should be able to soak up all the power from renewables that otherwise would be curtailed during off-peak demand times. The whole idea is to get the ball rolling on green hydrogen production without putting load on the

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2021-03-28 Everything Will Be Alright

B-) “Let the Sunshine in” ********************** Everything Will Be Alright

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