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Caroline Joy Barnhart There is not enough tritium in the world to run a single fusion reactor for more than a few months. The energy used for production of tritium (and to a much less extent the supply of deuterium) must also be subtracted from the total output of the fusion reactor. That could reduce

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2022-03-07 Nuclear Fusion Is A Waste, In My Opinion

There are other videos on YouTube besides JHAT. There is one from Tech for Luddites that states that obtaining a supply of tritium is the problem. Another video by a nuclear physicist says that the ITER **research** project ends in 2040 and another even more expensive project will then go to 2060, which by then

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Utilities want to stop rooftop solar! Quote: << But Houston, we have a problem. Humanity, in its wisdom, has created utility companies — corporate entities that make money by turning fossil fuels and nuclear energy into electricity and selling it to us for the highest price obtainable. They have converted the greatest public resource of

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2021-07-03 The Myths Of August — Fusion

p.259 << FUSION For over three decades, the goal of fusion research has been to build a machine to harness the violent process that powers the stars and ignites hydrogen bombs. The daunting challenge confronting scientists and engineers working on this project has been to design a reactor that would provide inexhaustible energy by enabling

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2021-03-29 Terrestrial Thermonuclear Fusion

In this Tech For Luddites YouTube video the lady from India explains the drawbacks of ‘terrestrial fusion’. For instance there are only 21 kilograms of tritium in the world. It has to be bred in a [fission] reactor. For an 800 MW fusion plant it will take 125 kg of tritium per year to run

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2021-02-26 Nuclear VS Coal — Deaths

@fact not fiction It’s fundamentally unfair to claim that more people die of air pollution (in a given time) from coal power plants than have died in all nuclear accidents. The *direct* deaths of nuclear power are being compared to the *indirect* deaths caused by air pollution. What must be compared is the direct deaths

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2021-01-21 How The Sun Gives The Earth And Everything On It Life

Every second, by thermonuclear fusion, the Sun converts 564 million tons of hydrogen to 560 million tons of helium. Where did 4 million tons go? The 4 million tons that are missing are converted into energy – photons, including sunlight. This energy amounts to 380 billion Megawatts, or 380 million Gigawatts, or 380,000 Terawatts, or

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