2021-04-14 Working A Retail Job

I’ve been hearing about all the problems that people I’ve known have had when working in the retail / commercial industry. This has been especially difficult this past year due to the pandemic. So many jobs lost and so much upheaval and uncertainty.

My ex-coworker told me about the experiences he had when working for a chain of gas stations with convenience stores. Like how his boss would call him to tell him he was sick and asked my coworker to work in his place. That was okay until he found out his boss wasn’t sick, he was playing hooky and out having fun.

Another guy I knew had a job managing a fast food place. He regularly put in 60 to 70 hour weeks with no overtime pay because management was salaried, not hourly.

Another told me that there had been two robberies recently at stores in her city. Always an issue that has to be kept in mind, along with shoplifters.

It seems there are even more of the irate customers who throw fits for no reason and take it out on the retail associates. The pandemic must take some blame for this.

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