2021-03-28 Lavo, Hydrogen

From TSLA group – about hydrogen from my blog previous to this one.

Nick Carrière
Said, “…fundamental flaws with hydrogen vehicles…”

Well, first off ‘converting to AC for a motor’ is necessary for battery EVs, too. But the losses are only a few percent either way.

Said, “Total energy losses are several times higher…”
That is not much of a concern. The losses in ICE vehicles are much higher. But ICEs use fossil fuel, which has a cost that can’t be reduced because it has to be extracted, processed, transported, sold, etc., all by big oil companies.

With green hydrogen, there is no cost for the crude oil, and minimal cost and easy availability of the water and sunlight to make the finished product. And you said there is no infrastructure for transporting hydrogen. That’s not true. There is hydrogen transported by pipeline and heavy transportation all over to make fertilizer. That’s how your food is grown.

But I didn’t say anything about using hydrogen for light vehicles. Hydrogen has its strengths with heavy transportation, trucks, trains and ships. Many diesel engines can be converted to run on hydrogen.

But the Lavo system stores the hydrogen made by electrolysis and then converts it back to electricity with about 50% efficiency. That’s still better than an ICE generator. But efficiency is not so important when the sunlight is free and inexhaustible, and the cost of solar electricity continues to fall to where even Lavo’s 50% efficiency is *cheaper* than battery storage. The expensive part is the Lavo system — much more than a Powerwall.

Here in California we’ve had the Hyundai and Toyota’s Mirai HFCVs for a few years and approaching fifty hydrogen fuel stations with more being built. The carmakers have a huge amount of money invested in HFCV success.

With the heavy transportation and buses the speed of refueling is important and batteries add weight that takes away cargo weight.

But green hydrogen must be substituted for fossil fuels and that’s why Australia is building a massive solar farm and hydrogen generation plant on the northern coast. They’ll be selling the green hydrogen to other countries to replace fossil fuels. This is the path to zero CO2 emissions. Transportation is just a fraction of the total green hydrogen need.


A hydrogen powered locomotive. 👍🤗


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