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2021-02-28 3 kW Solar + LiFe Battery For Under $3000

This is the kind of setup I would like to have. I would use it to run my heat pump / air conditioner and maybe a few other things like the microwave oven. And it would be used for charging my EV when it’s at home. The two solar PV panels are 800 watts total.

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2021-02-28 HR-1 Voting Rights Bill

An article about a high priority bill the Democrats introduced. A “sweeping overhaul of ethics and election laws.” What is now the “Democrat Politician Protection Act” according to Mitch McConnell, would have been a bipartisan bill 50 years ago. The Republicans stopped supporting voting rights because the voting rights made it less restrictive and easier

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2021-02-27 Heat Pumps Save Money

From Gates p.154 << How much money can a heat pump save you? Here are a few examples of the savings on new construction in cities around the US. [Chart of four US cities, with an average saving of 22%] You won’t save as much if you’re retro fitting and existing home, but switching to

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2021-02-27 Carbon Footprints Of 20 Billionaires

This article gives the carbon footprint of 20 billionaires. Their estimate for Gates is far too high because he doesn’t use regular jet fuel, he uses biofuel, which makes most of his carbon footprint zero.

2021-02-26 Trains – Electric Or Synfuel

First a bit of train history. Trains carry a lot of heavy and bulky goods for long distances. Now almost all trains use diesel engines for propulsion. But in the past most trains were electric and driven by overhead wires, the train used no fuel. The electricity could be from any source including hydropower. I

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2021-02-26 Nuclear VS Coal — Deaths

@fact not fiction It’s fundamentally unfair to claim that more people die of air pollution (in a given time) from coal power plants than have died in all nuclear accidents. The *direct* deaths of nuclear power are being compared to the *indirect* deaths caused by air pollution. What must be compared is the direct deaths

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2021-02-26 Camels In Blizzard In Saudi Arabia

At the 00:45 point in this YouTube news clip they show camels in a blizzard – snowing in Saudi Arabia. 😱😱

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2021-02-25 New Home Hydrogen ‘Battery’ Good For 3 Days

This was developed by the University in Australia. It seems to be two or three separate parts. It takes solar electricity and converts it to hydrogen. The H2 is stored in metal hydride ?cartridges? Then the H2 is made into electricity by fuel cells. It says that it also has a 5 kWh lithium battery

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2021-02-25 Cal. Electric Customers Getting Screwed

This new TOU (time of use) charges per kWh are costing us more, but also we’re having to pay for things that were not our fault but the fault of SCE, PG&E and SDG&E.

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2021-02-25 Energy Density Lithium-ion Vs Gasoline

Pound for pound, the best lithium-ion battery available today packs 35 times less energy than gasoline. In other words, to get the same amount of energy as a gallon of gasoline, you’ll need batteries that weigh 35 times more than that gasoline.

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