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2020-09-30 Fuel Cells Pro’s And Cons; Nat’l Fuel Cell Day

From my comments to YouTube video Matt Ferrell. I think you missed something. The fuel cell is not limited in range, like a battery is. The fuel cell can have greater range without increasing its size. Just add a bigger fuel tank. The fuel cell vehicles can be fueled in a few minutes, not a

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2020-09-30 Has The World Started To Take Climate Change Seriously?

For the sake of the world, everyone must take climate change seriously. The future of the world depends on it. It’s very important that China is totally committed to end climate change.

2020-09-30 Iowa’s Damaged Nuclear Plant Shut Down, To Be Replaced By Wind

The derecho windstorm caused damage to Iowa’s Duane Arnold nuclear power plant, shutting it down prematurely. Quote from local newspaper article. >> Cheaper sources of energy Officials for both Alliant and NextEra said the existence of cheaper forms of energy prompted the decision to close Duane Arnold. Alliant spokesman Justin Foss said the market value

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2020-09-29 CoVID19 & Interferon ++ 1st Presidential Debate

Possible reasons why SARS-CoV2 affects some patients so greatly. Interferon. ******************************* I’m watching the first Presidential Debate and the two are arguing about so much off-topic stuff it’s hard to follow the debate. The tough part is that Biden could shut down Trump’s arguments if he kew more about the background of Trump’s claims.

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2020-09-28 Big Marine Engine Is Dual Fuel, Diesel Or Hydrogen

It’s amazing how there are plans for the near future for dual fuel engines that can use diesel or hydrogen. These engines can be used for railroads or marine, or for generating electricity. The 1 MW engine is equivalent to about 1350 HP. Here is a quote from this article: >> At a press event,

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2020-09-28 Hydrogen Tug Boats On Danube R.

This is amazing and very good news. A huge $6.7 Billion, 2 GW off-grid wind generating and hydrogen generating facility will be built in Europe.

2020-09-28 NASA: Arctic Warming, Ice Melting, Lightning Causing Wildfires

This is a 5.2 minute NASA YouTube video about warming in the Arctic causing the smallest summer ice pack. The ground in Siberia has thawed and many wildfires burning caused by lightning. This is real. It’s happening right now. This is from NASA scientists, not some climate change extremists. Your future is disappearing right in

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2020-09-28 Tesla, Sonnen, And Other Home Battery Systems

Matt Ferrell has the text to his YouTube video about the Tesla Powerwall, Sonnen, etc. and a link to the video. The Tesla Powerwall and others cost about $10,000 installed. The systems may allow you to run your home from the battery when there is a power outage on the grid. Solar PV panels will

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2020-09-28 David Marcus Interview: Trump’s ‘Bulldog’ Roy Cohn

This Frontline Interview with David Marcus on YouTube is 23.5 minutes. He explains how Trump’s lawyer, Roy Cohn taught Trump to play dirty with everyone in business. Trump was sued by the govt for not renting to blacks and Hispanics. Cohn told him to countersue. They ended up settling out of court but Trump declared

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2020-09-28 1st Hydrogen Fueled Single Engine Comm’l Airplane Flight

First single ‘engine’ commercial airplane flight fueled by hydrogen.

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