2020-09-30 Fuel Cells Pro’s And Cons; Nat’l Fuel Cell Day

From my comments to YouTube video Matt Ferrell.

I think you missed something. The fuel cell is not limited in range, like a battery is. The fuel cell can have greater range without increasing its size. Just add a bigger fuel tank. The fuel cell vehicles can be fueled in a few minutes, not a half hour or more for a battery electric vehicle. This is very important for heavy commercial vehicles which have to be on the road or else lose money, and which could take hours to recharge.

One other thing that I’d like to know. Batteries have a limit on the charge/discharge cycles. Do fuel cells have a limitation on their lifetime? As Tesla has shown, batteries have made progress by research and development. Will fuel cell technology also be improved by R & D?
Thank you for the balanced, informed viewpoints.



National Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Day!
Oct 08!


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