2020-09-29 CoVID19 & Interferon ++ 1st Presidential Debate

Possible reasons why SARS-CoV2 affects some patients so greatly. Interferon.



I’m watching the first Presidential Debate and the two are arguing about so much off-topic stuff it’s hard to follow the debate. The tough part is that Biden could shut down Trump’s arguments if he kew more about the background of Trump’s claims. Trump calls Biden a 47 year do-nothing, meaning all the time Biden has been in government, he hasn’t done anything. That’s obviously not true.

Trump drifts off topic and starts attacking Biden for something entirely different than the topic. Trump said, “I’ve done more in 47 months than you [Biden] have done in 47 years.”

Trump said, “When the stock market goes up, that means jobs.” Right now the stock market is up and we have the highest unemployment in decades.

Moderator Chris Wallace asked Trump to condemn the white supremacists. He started saying how bad the “radical left Antifa” is. He said, “Proud boys, stand down and stand by.” Trump just refuses to straight out condemn the white supremacists who have been labeled by the FBI as domestic terrorists. He just repeats that antifas are bad group of people. But there is no antifa organization, it’s just a name given to those who are against white supremacists.

An article about the debate.


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