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2020-06-30 #StopHateForProfit Facebook Must Be Held Responsible

#StopHateForProfit – I am joining the major companies in boycotting Facebook starting July 1st, at least until the elections are over or maybe until next year. You may contact me at my yahoo address, acmefixer. Look at this: Numerous companies have stopped advertising on Facebook because Facebook has taken a hands off approach to

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2020-06-28 TSFH Victory by Thomas Bergerson

Youtube link I spent what seemed like an eternity waiting to find out what the name of this Epic music was. I heard most of it as the background music to a video I saw, and it enraptured me for a long time. Finally I found out by reading the comments in that video.

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2020-06-25 Voter Fraud By Mail; Florida Screws A Million Voters

From FB post. The standard reply to the voter fraud by mail myth is it is exceedingly rare. But what the GOP is doing is using it as a way to prevent disabled, poor and minorities from voting. It is the worst evil trick the GOP could use on voters. Someone is suing California for

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2020-06-23 LM386 1W Mono Amplifier Input Jack Reconfig

A year or so ago I bought a few 1W mono amplifiers from a Chinese eBay seller for cheap – see the attached photos. The only marking on the PC board is YX-1667 but I’m not sure if that’s the potentiometer or the PC board itself. . I found that if I pushed the 3.5mm

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2020-06-22 First Wind Turbine Installed In US Federal Waters; Wind now 100GW+ Great! Now we have to get a lot more installed off *all* coasts. This is onshore wind. That 100 GW is the same as 100 full-sized power plants. We need a lot more! The US has a few thousand.

2020-06-21 Trump In Arizona Non-existent Border Wall

2020-06-23 Salon article here <<After his debacle in Tulsa, a huge failure with an abysmal turnout and what may still have been a super-spreader event for a deadly virus, Donald Trump needs to set low expectations. Instead, he is back out on the campaign trail Tuesday, making his third trip in five months to Arizona

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2020-06-20 Facebook Groups Lack Members Rights And Admin Responsibilities

The main reason I joined Facebook was to interact with others who shared my vocation and avocation, Electronics. It’s been a part of my life since I was very young. More than five years ago I joined several FB groups dealing with Electronics. During those years I have been banned from several groups not because

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2020-06-19 Renewables Used To Replace Base Loads; Coal Too Costly

Article on GreenTechMedia about how the UK is creating “renewable generators.” <<Renewable Generators Are the UK’s Latest Tool to Smooth Out Renewable Generation. Yes, you read that right. The argument against all-renewables grids takes another blow.>> . Oops! Coal fired power plants are at a tipping point vs renewables

2020-06-18 Michael Pupin & Patents

From the list of his patents in his wiki. Armstrong co-authored some patents.

2020-06-17 Renewables Cheaper Than Fossil Fuels

Jason WillauerAsked, “What is your source … Renewables cheaper than conventional?IRENA.This 2+ year old article says that by 2020 renewables will be cheaper. Well, it’s 2020 and they already are. The clowns in this administration are trying to save the Fossil Fuel Industry, but no matter what they do, the fossil fuel producers are going

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