2020-06-28 TSFH Victory by Thomas Bergerson

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I spent what seemed like an eternity waiting to find out what the name of this Epic music was. I heard most of it as the background music to a video I saw, and it enraptured me for a long time. Finally I found out by reading the comments in that video. Someone said the video was great except for that terrible music (???!!!). Someone else told him off that is was the best! It was Victory by TSFH, Bergersen. If it wasn’t for those off-the-wall comments I would *still* be wondering what this music was. So now I have discovered a whole ‘nother genre of Epic music! And I’m enthralled! Thanks for everyones’ comments!

Update – I have found many other instrumentals by TSFH and Bergersen, whole albums, in fact. And many other beautiful instrumentals by many other artists in this same genre of Epic music.

Another album called Miracles by TSFH, Bergersen. https://youtu.be/SSe7jfYFoKo

Victory by TSFH is on this album.

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