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2021-12-03 China Has 302 GW Offshore Wind!

This is very difficult to comprehend. That’s about a quarter of all the electricity that the US uses! That’s equivalent to 300 full-size power plants! Incredible! Assuming that the wind turbines are 10 MW each, that would be 30,200 wind turbines.

2021-09-28 German Offshore Wind Farms; Recycling Blades

The narrator goes to the offshore wind turbine to show us a 6.2 MW wind turbine. The key takeaway is that these offshore wind turbines solve the wind turbine intermittency problem because it’s windy as hell out there 24 hours, 365 days a year. He said the transmission line to southern Germany was supposed to

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2021-08-24 California’s Offshore Wind Benefits

This short synopsis of a report says that California offshore wind has a high 50% capacity factor and “could help solve California’s reliability problem”. But is California’s electricity unreliable? I didn’t think so. What’s remarkable is that offshore wind is shown to be blowing steadily 24 hours; I’m sure there are times when the wind

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2020-06-22 First Wind Turbine Installed In US Federal Waters; Wind now 100GW+ Great! Now we have to get a lot more installed off *all* coasts. This is onshore wind. That 100 GW is the same as 100 full-sized power plants. We need a lot more! The US has a few thousand.

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