2020-06-30 #StopHateForProfit Facebook Must Be Held Responsible

#StopHateForProfit – I am joining the major companies in boycotting Facebook starting July 1st, at least until the elections are over or maybe until next year. You may contact me at my yahoo address, acmefixer.

Look at this:

Numerous companies have stopped advertising on Facebook because Facebook has taken a hands off approach to policing the false or misleading posts and hate messages especially from government officials. Twitter has taken some action against misleading and hate ads but Zuckerberg has stated that it’s not Facebook’s job to police their users. I can understand why they think that Facebook ‘would be interfering with freedom of speech.’ I think it’s Facebook choosing profits over responsibility. But in 2016 the Russians bought misleading ads and did other things (Active Measures in Russian) to influence the elections. This went on without any actions by Facebook. Facebook must not avoid their responsibilities during this 2020 election year. I am joining these companies in boycotting Facebook.

Quoted from the article link

<<Coca-Cola’s CEO James Quincey said the soda giant would be pausing all of its social media advertising for at least 30 days, adding that his firm “expected greater accountability and transparency from our social media partners.”>>

I would like to say that my half dozen years on Facebutt has all been pleasurable, but I can’t. I have experienced disappointment after disappointment while being a member of many FB groups. I have been banned from some for no reason caused by my being bad. The group rules are often capricious and arbitrary and detrimental to the members. The group admins have no responsibility to the members and the members have no rights. The members invest their time and IP such as photos and videos and they completely lose control of those if they get banned from a group. Facebook must hold the group admins to a code of ethics and establish some form of feedback to prevent their abuses of members.


Update Jul 5 – Another article about this from The Guardian, tells about Jim Steyer, former prez candidate Tom Steyer’s brother who started #StopHateForProfit.




“It’s not Trump we’re focused on. It’s hate, misinformation and racism. All the platforms have responsibility, but the biggest offender is Facebook.”

Ultimately, he would like to see Facebook, which owns WhatsApp and Instagram, broken up and subject to the same publishing guidelines as the old media on whose content it trades. But that, he concedes, will be a long struggle.

“I’ll be doing this for many years to come. I’m a young man, I like my job, and unlike my brother, I’m not going to be running for president. I look at this as a mission.”


Update 2020 Jul 8 –

This article says a quick summary.


A quote:

<< “Facebook has been on a 16-year apology tour,” McNamee said. “Things go wrong at Facebook all the time. First they deny it, then they deflect it, then they try to diffuse it and, finally, when they’re forced to, they apologize. They promise to do better, and then they literally go right back to doing whatever it is that they were doing before. And that has worked. It worked through the 2016 presidential election, it worked through the U.K. Brexit election, it worked after a genocide in Myanmar that the U.N. said Facebook was uniquely responsible for enabling, it worked for the Christchurch terrorism. They’ve gotten away with everything by just apologizing.” >>

I have much more to say, but for later.

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