2020-06-25 Voter Fraud By Mail; Florida Screws A Million Voters

From FB post.

The standard reply to the voter fraud by mail myth is it is exceedingly rare. But what the GOP is doing is using it as a way to prevent disabled, poor and minorities from voting. It is the worst evil trick the GOP could use on voters. Someone is suing California for voting by mail. It’s just ludicrous.

Think about this. The few dozen voter fraud ballots that might be submitted would be about equally divided between the two parties and would be overwhelmed by the legitimate votes. So they would not make any difference in the outcome of an election.

The real threat to elections is election fraud, where the ballot box or the voting machines have hundreds or thousands of votes deleted or changed. There is so much more opportunity for making a huge difference in the outcome of an election. 😡😡


The Supreme Court disenfranchises a million ex-felon Floridians. Florida passed a constitutional amendment giving ex-felons the right to vote. Republicans forced them to pay their court fees before they can vote. Shame on them!


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