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2023-08-22 Hot Bricks Energy Storage

Hot bricks and other similar high heat energy storage systems discussed. Next Big Thing In Energy Storage: Hotshots Pick Hot Bricks A comment: (hydrogen is cheaper)

2022-03-24 Thermophotovoltaic Battery R & D @T.U. Madrid

This sounds promising. I’m puzzled by what is used for the photovoltaics and how it can handle such high temperatures – 1000 deg C. The glowing ferrosilicon generates a lot of infrared so in order to have 40% efficiency the photovoltaics must convert a lot of the IR to electricity. I know a bit

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2021-10-12 Azelio Unveils Solar Thermal Storage System

The solar energy melts aluminum at 600 deg. C and runs a Stirling engine even when the Sun isn’t shining.

2021-08-08 Molten Salt Metal Air Batteries

Molten salt metal air batteries have higher kWh per kg than lithium-ion.

2021-07-25 Low Temp Molten Salt Battery

Low temperature molten salt battery runs at 230 degrees F.

2021-06-22 Battery Storage Information Article

This article gives good information about various types of BESS. Mentions FERC order 2222. Flow batteries. Talks about green hydrogen, electrolyzers, fuel cells and round trip efficiency. Other battery uses.

2021-05-17 Li-Ion Competitors: Flow, Zinc, Sodium Etc.

This good blog has many links to other articles about competitors to Li-Ion AKA LIBs. But near the end it explains why LIBs may be very difficult to compete against. It points out that as more renewables make up the grid, there is more demand for medium (8 to 24 hours) storage and long term

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2021-03-26 Breakthrough Liquid Metal Battery – Sadoway & AMBRI

A tutorial about Ambri’s liquid metal batteries “If you want your battery to be dirt cheap, make it out of dirt!” – Donald Sadoway LMBs are different. Sadoway says that the designers of Lithium-ion Batteries have to guard against thermal rise; The designers of liquid metal batteries have to guard against thermal fall.

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