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2021-02-25 Haru Oni Synfuel Project In Southern Chile

This project will use electricity from wind to generate hydrogen which will be combined with CO2 to make synthetic fuels for German company Porsche.

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2021-02-25 Set Blows Out Substitute Diodes

From FB group I take … Alejandro Cruz He said a diode is a diode but there are more than volts and current. The reverse recovery time is important. If it is rectifying 50 or 60 Hz AC then standard recovery time is good. If it’s rectifying high frequencies then it should be fast recovery

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2021-02-25 My HOA Won’t Allow Me To Go Solar

The fossil fuels industry has spread many false “facts” in order to stop homeowners from getting solar systems. This article gives several of them and why homeowners can get solar and save money on their electric bill. These states prevent HOAs from banning solar. 5) “My HOA won’t allow me to go solar.” In

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2021-02-25 Boston U Buys Green Energy From South Dakota Wind Project

This article shows that the institution can maximize its renewable energy impact by buying renewable electricity from out of state. The Uni proves it’s a great idea.

2021-02-24 EVs Vs ICE vehicles,

From my FB reply to many negative comments by this hypercritic. Ned Goldston *No* EV owner needs to have a solar panel system to charge their EV with green electricity. In California there are no coal power plants and the natural gas plants are being replaced with peak shaving utility scale batteries. At times of

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2021-02-24 Meat Calories In, Calories Out; Food Wasted

Gates, p.115 A chicken has to eat two calories worth of grain to give one calorie of poultry. A pig eats three times as many calories as we vet when we eat it. Cows have the highest ratio: 6 calories of feed for every calorie of beef. The wealthier the people of the world get,

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2021-02-24 Mann’s Opinion Article On Climate Change Way Forward

This is an opinion article in Newsweek by Michael Mann, climate scientist. Quote: << But perhaps the two paths are beginning to converge. In his new book, Gates prioritizes many of the same objectives that I do. He emphasizes the importance of putting pressure on our elected officials to support climate-friendly policies. He advocates

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2021-02-23 Plastic Waste To Engine Fuel

This guy lives on an island in Nicaragua and gathers plastic waste on the beach. He puts the plastic into a metal tank that is sealed, and builds a fire under it. The plastic pyrolyzes and the fumes are piped through a few condensers where the liquids are drawn off. Some liquids are like diesel

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2021-02-23 Trans-west Express,

From Gates’ book p.82 << Construction on the Trans West Express, a transmission project designed to move wind-generated power from Wyoming to California and the Southwest, is scheduled to begin in 2021. The project is supposed to become operational in 2024—some 17 years after planning began. But if we could pull this off, it would

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2021-02-23 Green Premium

From Gates’ book p.74 << It’s not immediately obvious why there’s such a thing as a Green Premium in the first place. Natural gas plants have to keep buying fuel as long as they’re running: solar farms, wind farms, and dams get their fuel for free. Also, there’s the truism that as you take a

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