2021-02-24 Mann’s Opinion Article On Climate Change Way Forward

This is an opinion article in Newsweek by Michael Mann, climate scientist.




But perhaps the two paths are beginning to converge.

In his new book, Gates prioritizes many of the same objectives that I do. He emphasizes the importance of putting pressure on our elected officials to support climate-friendly policies. He advocates for a plan that will lead us toward zero net carbon emissions by mid-century, a goal that’s critical if we are to limit warming below dangerous levels. >>


<< Gates’ arguments in favor of nuclear energy are similarly unconvincing. Current generation nuclear energy is not competitive with renewable energy in the free market—it is only viable with massive government subsidies, and it carries unnecessary proliferation and safety risks. And it could take several decades for the “next generation” nuclear technology advocated by Gates to pass regulatory review, calling into question how this technology can help us decarbonize our civilization by 2050 as necessary. >>

But Gates says (p.97)

<< Keep in mind that although we need to pursue all these ideas, we probably don’t need all of them to pan out in order to decarbonize our power grid. Some of the ideas overlap each other. If we get a breakthrough in cheap hydrogen, for example, we might not need to worry as much about getting a magic battery.

what I can say for certain is that we need a concrete plan to develop new power grids that provide affordable zero-carbon electricity reliably, whenever we need it. >>

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