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2020-08-27 No. 1 Threat To Birds; Bye-bye Coal! << “Expanding access to and use of solar energy not only helps protect the clean air and water that birds rely on, it also helps mitigate emissions associated with a changing climate, which Audubon has identified as the number one threat to birds,” said Justin Stokes, executive director of Audubon South Carolina… >> ******************************

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2020-08-27 Batteries Sell 3 Types…

A battery can sell three types of products: resource adequacy (RA), ancillary services , and energy. RA revenue is a function of the capacity market rules (e.g., size of battery and duration), and is generally procured on a monthly or annual basis. As such, RA value is not directly impacted by short term energy and

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2020-08-26 Solar, Wind Have Small Carbon Footprints

Fake news debunked! Lots of lies out there.

2020-08-26 George W. Bush To Endorse Biden?

There are already several Republicans who have endorsed Biden. I will go out on a limb and predict that Trump will lose by the largest amount of any president ever. He’s that bad. A quote: << Last month, a number of former Bush White House and campaign officials also launched a super PAC called

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2020-08-25 Kandi EV for $10,000; Natural Gas Phase Out

This chinese EV maker is selling the first thousand for $9,999 after federal tax credit. Skip to the 36 minute point. ****************************** Natural gas will have less and less use in electricity generation as renewables replace gas turbine plants. That doesn’t mean the demand for gas will drop until its use for heating and

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2020-08-24 Tesla Upcoming Battery Day

When there’s a huge solar energy spill, It’s called A NICE DAY. 👍👍😆😆 ****************************** This author thinks the upcoming Battery Day on Sep 22 will be a revelation of a revolution. Talks about nanowires and supercapacitors. One thing that crossed my mind is why haven’t the battery makers made the batteries like a stack of

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2020-08-23 Author: Need More Nuclear Reactors & Fusion

From NYP article << For one thing, the sun doesn’t always shine and the wind doesn’t always blow. Therefore, the more wind and solar we add to the grid, the less cost-effective each new panel or turbine becomes. Doubling or tripling the number of turbines available doesn’t help much on days when the wind

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2020-08-22 Nikola; Tesla, Elon Musk, Thinking Ahead

I watched this video about Nikola company and read some of mostly negative comments about Nikola. I have this to say: Okay, Debbie Downer. You said a lot of bad things about this Nikola company. But you have to remember that people said a lot of bad things about Tesla and Elon got the government

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2020-08-21 The Future Squandered for a small amount of money

Politics and Big Oil.

2020-08-21 The Q ANON Conspiracy

Believing in Q says more about the believer than it does about Q Anon. We go through this period in our lives where we come to a low point in our life where we feel like we’re adrift. We then experience a spiritual awakening, and it gives them the feeling of empowerment. We relate to

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