2020-08-22 Nikola; Tesla, Elon Musk, Thinking Ahead

I watched this video about Nikola company and read some of mostly negative comments about Nikola.

I have this to say:

Okay, Debbie Downer. You said a lot of bad things about this Nikola company. But you have to remember that people said a lot of bad things about Tesla and Elon got the government to loan Tesla almost a half billion. The government had faith in Tesla and Elon, and it worked out in the end. But the biggest reason to have faith in Nikola is that it is, like Leia said, “you’re our only hope.” Someone has to pick up the baton and run with it, get clean fuels into heavy transportation, and it should be someone other than a Chinese company. Iveco is a huge worldwide company, and when things start to roll, it makes good sense to have an experienced partner in heavy transportation. The financials are there up front. I plan on taking the risk by investing in Nikola, not because it could be Tesla 2.0 but because we have to fight tooth and nail to tear ourselves away from the fossil fuel addiction, for the sake of the world and future generations. It *has* to be done!



Someone said, “Elon’s mom says he thinks years ahead. I think she’s wrong. He thinks decades ahead.”

I replied
I don’t think that a true thinker thinks decades ahead; remember that famous painter who drew a design for a helicopter? He drew it 500 years ago!! That’s a true thinker!

In a roundtable discussion, Elon Musk said, “It’s not a money thing. There’s a fundamental limitation on exceptional engineers. There’s just not that many.”


A comment from YouTube video re: Nikola

Dan 2 months ago

Yes many people posting here are suffering from FOMO fear of missing out or OMO obviously missed out. If you had the insight to purchase warrants back in late February early March you could have gotten them for $1 and sold them sold IPO day for $30, that’s 30 times.

Where if you would have bought common A shares back in March or February you could have gotten them for $10 a share and sold them for $90 a share shortly after IPO day that’s nine times.

One could have bought and warrants sold off a small portion of those warrants to finance the exercise strike price to convert them to Common A shares. Of course most people would rather just buy the common A shares and buy less. Nikola is not just about being an energy company it’s about investing in the future zero emissions. It’s not just about making money it’s about cleaning up our environment. It’s about supporting the New Green Deal that liberal Democrats are pushing so hard for in Congress and they just might get it in a fractional way.

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