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Caroline Joy Barnhart There is not enough tritium in the world to run a single fusion reactor for more than a few months. The energy used for production of tritium (and to a much less extent the supply of deuterium) must also be subtracted from the total output of the fusion reactor. That could reduce

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2022-04-13 Fusion And LCOE – Forever 20 Years Away?

Chris Gillespie The “net energy” is the catch. One **must** consider the LCOE – levelized cost of energy. If the fusion reactor requires that the energy used to fuse *and* make the fuels is greater than or equal to the output of the reactor, then the fusion reactor is a liability and is wasting energy.

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2022-03-07 Nuclear Fusion Is A Waste, In My Opinion

There are other videos on YouTube besides JHAT. There is one from Tech for Luddites that states that obtaining a supply of tritium is the problem. Another video by a nuclear physicist says that the ITER **research** project ends in 2040 and another even more expensive project will then go to 2060, which by then

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