2023-09-25 TV Modulator Ch 3 Doesn’t Work For Digital TV

I Came across this old analog TV modulator in a box of stuff, so I plugged it into my digital TV and powered it up, with some audio modulation on the input. I set the switch to channel 3, and then pushed 3 on my remote, but I got no carrier whatsoever on the TV. So I opened it up and check the supply voltage to make sure that it was working. It is.

So what I’m guessing is that all digital TVs no longer receive any TV stations below channel 7 – all the low VHFs from 54 to 88 MHz are not in the OTA – over the air – digital TV reception. The digital TVs assume that any channel in the 2 through 6 range has to be translated to a higher frequency, presumably UHFs. Thus, analog TV reception of one of these modulators is not possible.

BTW yes, I set the ANT – MOD switch to MOD. My TV is a Samsung (not) Smart TV. ☹️🤨

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