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2020-06-01 Motorola HEP Catalog Transistors pp 10-12

These are scans of the specifications for most of the Motorola HEP line of replacement transistors. Germanium and Silicon. Pages 10, 11, 12.

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2016-10-18 FM Transmitter Uses Power MOSFET

I watched this YouTube video where the author shows his FM transmitter using a big 60 volt power MOSFET. He also shows a very readable photo of the schematic. The video was made several years ago in 2012. He is powering this transmitter by connecting it to eleven 9 volt batteries in series, totalling 99

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2016-10-03 Ordered Thru Hole Transistors

I went online a few days ago and looked for some odd RF transistors, but instead I was shocked.  Almost all of the parts I’ve been using are through hole parts, like transistors in a TO-92 package with wire leads.  I looked at a few distributors such as Mouser, Avnet, Arrow, Digikey, Newark.  I found

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2016-06-04 Crystal Radio Coils, Crystal Diodes

I was reading some of Geo John’s projects and came across a crystal radio set that he built using two tuned coils. A crystal radio set refers to the type of detector used, which was once a galena crystal and a ‘catwhisker’ to find a sensitive spot on the crystal. Nowadays, that is no longer

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2015-12-16 JFET Joule Thief

I captured this off a video and tried to make it a bit more readable.  I think it was from Sanjev. I built it and it does work at 40 millivolts.  The 2SK170 JFETs are not common, and may be difficult to obtain.  Other JFETs can be used, but I haven’t tried them.  I wrote

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2013-08-04 A Low Voltage JT Using 2SK170 JFET

Fellow JT experimenter Quantsuff has been experimenting with a Joule Thief using the 2SK170 JFET, and it runs at 131 millivolts (0.131V), powered by a solar PV cell lit by a table lamp.  This is a very good JFET for low voltages; I made a similar circuit a while back and it ran at several

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2013-08-02 Joule Thief, MOSFET Test

I built a Joule Thief using a 2N7000 MOSFET with the white LED across it, a standard coil (see below) and a voltage divider connected to the gate.  I was trying to find out more about the MOSFET, such as the gate bias voltage needed to make it run on a 1.5V AA cell. The

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2013-07-02 Phase Shift Oscillator, JFET Continued

I blogged a schematic on May 15, but it took me until now to build the schematic.  I tack soldered the PSO together with the components shown, except I did not use the two diodes and two 10k resistors. First off, according to this article, to get it to oscillate, the overall voltage gain of

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2012-12-17 IRF9Z34 Not The Same As IRLZ34

I ordered some IRLZ34 MOSFETs from Futurlec and they finally arrived, shipped from Hong Kong.  I took one out of the bag and it was marked IRFZ34.  What!?!?  I ordered IRLZ34, not IRFZ34!!  I took the rest out of the bag and I counted 33 of the IRFZ34, and 2 of IRF9Z34, which are not

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2012-11-27 Says TN0702 “Not Good Enough”

The Youtuber going by the name of Sanjev21 has read my comment about using the TN0702 low gate threshold MOSFET for a Joule Thief that will start and run below 0.6V.  He replied that this has a Rds(on)of 4 ohms at 2 volts, which is “too high”. The problem is that he is using a

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