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2021-03-05 Tesla Daily: Tesla Value 1.3 T Or More By 2030

Today I watched Rob Maurer’s Tesla Daily and he went through a spreadsheet of extremely conservative figures. He assumed a 25% growth rate up to 2030, which is half of the 50% that Tesla plans. And the car business, using conservative figures, came to a figure of approximately $670 Billion valuation. The FSD software, assuming

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2021-03-03 Red & Blue States Most & Least Dependent On Federal $$

The red states are more dependent and the blue states are less dependent according to this study. They give their methodology on how they came up with the figures. Other studies have come to a different conclusion, but I don’t see them saying how they came to their conclusion. Just don’t trust the ones who

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2021-02-26 Camels In Blizzard In Saudi Arabia

At the 00:45 point in this YouTube news clip they show camels in a blizzard – snowing in Saudi Arabia. 😱😱

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2021-02-24 Mann’s Opinion Article On Climate Change Way Forward

This is an opinion article in Newsweek by Michael Mann, climate scientist. Quote: << But perhaps the two paths are beginning to converge. In his new book, Gates prioritizes many of the same objectives that I do. He emphasizes the importance of putting pressure on our elected officials to support climate-friendly policies. He advocates

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2021-02-22 Bill Gates On PBS Newshour

PBS Newshour’s Judy Woodruff interviews Bill Gates. I also saw Gates on Colbert’s late show. He’s promoting his book How To Avoid A Climate Disaster.


2021-02-22 Facebook Group Scientists Warning

I joined this Facebook group a few weeks ago and found the admins censor the posts. One such example is below (screenshot). I don’t know what they mean by a “but if text” but I didn’t do anything other than attempt to post two recommended books by Vaclav Smil. I searched for “but if text”

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2021-02-20 Bill Gates Attacked By Self-righteous Hypocrites

From reply in FB group Scientists Warning AD Mitchell Said about Bill Gates “There’s some good info…” and “… a billionaire can buy the eyes and ears of millions of people, so it’s good to know what he is saying.” At least AD has a bit of common sense. Bill Gates is telling “How To

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2021-02-19 Global Carbon Project:: Information

Infographics etc.

2021-02-19 Facebook Is A Global Mafia

It seems that Facebutt is getting into trouble with the Aussies. Jacob Silverman Facebook Is a Global Mafia

2021-02-18 Bill Gates “How To Avoid A Climate Disaster”

From FB reply “Stephen Hymowitz I ordered Gates’s book; I’ll be reading it soon. I agree with the production and storing of green hydrogen. GE is modifying their gas turbines to run on hydrogen. Toyota, Hyundai and Honda sell hydrogen fuel cell vehicles. There are plans to run ICE vehicles using green hydrogen. Hydrogen is

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