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2022-03-20 LED Lights May Not Last As Long As Incandescent Lights

The lifetime of incandescent and LED lights is extremely dependent on the temperature at which they run – for incandescents, GE says it’s the inverse of the 7th power of the voltage – the voltage increases and the lifetime decreases. In the case of LEDs the problem is most designs sacrifice thermal management to get

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2022-02-19 Blinking LEDs Can Look Like They’re On Steady

Blinking LEDs are usually reset by the voltage dropping to zero then coming back on. So if one LED, probably the fastest one, blinks first, all the rest in the series string will be reset, then comeback on again when the fastest one comes back on. So you have essentially a single blinking LED and

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2022-01-22 LED Xmas Light String Repair

A string of LED xmas lights had been fritzing on and off, then it finally failed. I had to pull out 4 lights before I found two that were dead. I had to file off the ridge around the base to get them to fit properly into the base. So it’s back working again. It

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2012-04-28 LED Light Compared With Luxmeter

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Two years ago I decided that I wanted to get a light meter.  I had two old light meters for setting a camera, one was a Weston and the other a G.E.  Both were not sensitive enought to give an accurate reading of a LED.  I had some other choices, one was to use a

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