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2022-05-30 Examining Big Oil’s Climate Pledges

The house oversight committee examins Big Oil’s climate pledges. They need to hold the fossil fuel industry’s feet to the fire and make them pay penalties for failing to meet climate pledge promises and commitments.

2022-03-31 Biden Releases Oil Reserves

BTC tells off Big Oil Says that Biden detractors should stop blaming the president who has very little control over oil prices and go after the Big Oil bosses who are screwing the American consumers.

2022-03-15 Hawaii Big Oil Court Case Passes Major Milestone

This important article by a ‘guest contributor’ gives some very good links to information. The court has allowed Hawaii to go ahead to the discovery, where oil companies will have to reveal internal documents regarding fossil fuels causing climate change. Quote: << A growing movement Climate litigation such as the Hawaii case is designed to

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2021-11-19 How Climate Change Denialism Is Taught In Texas Schools

This is a 12 minute Democracy Now! video about how big oil is trying to teach climate change denialism in Texas schools.

2021-10-17 Big Oil Will Be Caught In A Lie Like Big Tobacco?

Will Big Oil be caught in a lie, like big tobacco was caught? Guardian opinion article Quote: << For the Big Oil 4 and their public relations advisers, the nightmare scenario is that 28 October will mirror the infamous congressional hearing that led to the downfall of big tobacco. On 14 April 1994, the

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2021-09-29 Climate Change Reply

From FB group Climate Change Jerome Wasil The information he quoted [see yesterdays blog] is from the two websites that are given at the bottom. This is not research, it’s false narrative. The information was taken out of context and misquoted. The last section quotes the Third Assessment Report which is more than a dozen

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2021-06-03 ‘Black Wednesday’ For Big Oil

Up until lately, Big Oil has been paying token lip service to climate change; it has been business as usual with little action taken. But now shareholders are taking action with their votes against Big Oil’s complacency and greenwashing. But the court ruling against Shell is really the most damning. Shell must make its actions

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