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2021-10-12 Climate Change Deniers Want To Believe Disinformation

The climate change deniers want to believe there is no climate change, that everything will be just fine if we do nothing to combat climate change. Is it fear of uncertainty and upheaval that drives them to deal with reality? These CCDs (climate change deniers) actively seek to prove to themselves that climate change is

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2021-09-22 Climate For Change

Originally published in UAW 862 Online Magazine. << Climate For Change By Bruce Cash If your husband or son was accused of fathering a child, would you accept the results of a DNA test? Courts do, as well as most people. However, many Americans refuse to accept the science on Climate. Most people are not

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2021-09-16 Why We Reject Contrary Evidence

Why do humans instinctively reject evidence contrary to their beliefs?

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