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2020-10-24 Aligning AM Radios

Joe Leonard I’m not a pro at aligning radios and there are different techniques that a manufacturer may recommend. Some radios have alignment instructions with the schematic and parts list. With that in mind, I’ll say.. The IF cans with the screwdriver slots on their tops are aligned at the factory and usually locked with

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2020-10-22 All Talk And No Action

During this evening’s debate, Trump said, three times “You’re all talk and no action (with these politicians).” Trump has no room to talk. He has done very poorly on all the talk — promises — he hasn’t fulfilled. Trump also used the term ‘these politicians’. He is forgetting that when he was elected, he became

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2020-10-22 Much More Than ‘Just’ Climate Change – “A Life On Our Planet” Part 2

Sir David Attenborough’s book has much more that must be done than just climate change. I start by quoting a few paragraphs about eating alternatives to meat. No one is asking anyone to give up eating meat. But with a population of over 7.5 billion people, the amount of land taken up for raising livestock

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2020-10-21 The Journey Of A Rock

FB group Orange Talk I was walking along the creek trail near Grijalva Pk and I picked up one of the rounded stones. The thought occurred to me that that piece of rock started out as a jagged rock with sharp edges. But over time it was rubbed against other stones by water and little

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2020-10-21 AP: Most Protesters Are Not Leftist Radicals

AP finds that most arrested in protests are not leftist radicals.

2020-10-21 Wiring Harnesses And Automation

I worked at a company that built automated test equipment for assembling cables and wiring harnesses. During the year I was there they sent reps to Detroit to help GM build wiring harnesses for Buicks. This was in 1980 and GM was using relays to implement the logic system to assure that the wiring harness

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2020-10-20 BLM: McRaven Not Voting For Trump!

When I first read the headlines I thought that it was just another article that made much about nothing. But after reading it I had tears in my eyes. It made me ask many questions in my mind. There is the parable about the wisdom of King Solomon. A woman who lost her child kidnapped

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2020-10-19 Only Class War Can Stop Climate Change

The world’s top 1 percent is responsible for generating twice as much as the bottom half.

2020-10-19 Trump Accused Of Sex With 13 y/o: Court Records

This article shows the names of 18 women he has ‘been with’. The links to the court records accusing him of sex with a 13 year old are in the story. A quote from the story: >> It stopped being a political choice a while ago. This is now a moral choice. It has to

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2020-10-19 What’s Causing Climate Change In 10 Charts

Quote from end of Vox article >> In the end, the conversation about responsibility leads where all climate conversations lead: The only hope of avoiding catastrophic damage is most every country decarbonizing as rapidly as they are capable, regardless of their histories and rivalries. Electricity must be rapidly decarbonized to get rid of coal; heating

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