2020-10-20 BLM: McRaven Not Voting For Trump!

When I first read the headlines I thought that it was just another article that made much about nothing. But after reading it I had tears in my eyes. It made me ask many questions in my mind.

There is the parable about the wisdom of King Solomon. A woman who lost her child kidnapped a child from its mother. The mother pleaded with King Solomon to have her baby back. The kidnapper selfishly claimed that the mother was trying to steal her child. King Solomon didn’t know who to believe, and made a decision. He told the two women he would cut the child in half and give each woman half.

The kidnapper felt no remorse and said nothing, but the real mother pleaded with the king not to harm the child but give the child to the kidnapper — she couldn’t bear to see her child die. Solomon then knew who the real mother was.

To me, Trump is like the kidnapper. When he tries to steal the truth, the country’s newsmedia puts him on trial. He has no remorse about lying — he just continues to lie. Worse yet, he declares the newsmedia as ‘fake news’ and declares the newsmedia as ‘the enemy of the people’ because they won’t let him continue to tell the lies. The rest of the people who believe his lies, try to defend him. Trump has even declared he could kill someone and people let him get away with it. Why have those people been deceived and can’t see that Trump is misleading them?

He declares “Four more years” and that he must “drain the swamp” when he has done more to fill the swamp by appointing campaign donors and industry lobbyists to positions within the government. He has appointed to Secretary of Education a woman who is hostile to public education.

He has made so many bad decisions that he has been taken to court many times and the courts have decided that he has stepped out of line and tried to do damage, and the courts have stopped him.

Many of the people around him have been convicted of crimes and gone to jail. The latest one arrested is Steve Bannon, his campaign strategist. I suspect that there are many more who have gotten away with criminal acts. The swamp that he claims to be draining is in reality being filled with his slime and filth.


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