2020-10-21 The Journey Of A Rock

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I was walking along the creek trail near Grijalva Pk and I picked up one of the rounded stones. The thought occurred to me that that piece of rock started out as a jagged rock with sharp edges. But over time it was rubbed against other stones by water and little by little the sharp edges got ground away by water until it was smoothed down to round and egg shaped. The pieces turned into pebbles, gravel, sand and silt.

I wondered how many hundreds, thousands or millions of years it took to wear that stone down. Did it end up in the bed of the creek and get held in place by the roots of some tree for hundreds of years until a huge 500 year flood washed the tree away and freed the stone?

Where did it start its journey? Hundreds of miles away? What cataclysmic forces of nature did it take to break it free from the Earth and start it on its journey? If it could talk, I bet it could tell some very interesting stories.

In the far future, will some stranger pick up a stone and ask the same questions? Would that stone have a story to tell about being picked out of the creek bed long ago, and along with many other stones and cement, being made into a fence for many decades? Then an earthquake broke down the fence and later another huge flood freed up the stones in the fence, to polish away the cement until it was a smooth stone again. What a strange, strange trip it had been!

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