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2020-10-30 Voter Dilution By Gerrymandering

My comment from FB about this politifact Rich Doyon And I suppose you think it’s fair to put all the best players on one team so that that team always wins. The gerrymandering, no matter which side is doing it, is unfair. It’s putting all the team members who are on one side (which,

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2020-10-29 Freq Counter – Crystal Tester Mod For Low Frequencies

I got this frequency counter and crystal tester mainly for the frequency counter. Today I decided to test a few crystals, and was successful with ones above 10 MHz but not at 4 MHz. The two capacitors labeled C2 and C3 are the feedback to the crystal, and they were originally 22 pF. So I

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2020-10-28 Cities And Climate

I looked at a photo of the downtown of a city with all its many skyscrapers, and the thought occurred to me that this collection of tall buildings has a very high surface to area ratio and that this is the least effective at keeping the hot or cold climate out. Just to keep the

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Generate Hydrogen With A Solar Concentrator = Parabolic Mirror

This needs an expensive catalyser. But the solar energy is free and it generates about a kilogram of hydrogen a day, which can power a car for 150 km. We need green hydrogen to power the whole world and leave the fossil fuels in the ground. Now!

2020-10-28 Russian Vs. Silicon PNP Output Transistors

Christopher The Russian transistors that I got on eBay were rated for much less than 150 milliwatts, which is very low and prone to thermal runaway (which is what causes the originals to go bad). Plus you are supposed to match the pair for equal base to emitter Vbe voltages. It’s so much better and

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2020-10-27 Replace Electrolytics With MLCCs

Joe If the capacitor is in parallel with a low value resistor it may be a bypass capacitor for the emitter resistor of the audio driver stage. If it’s dried out, the audio will lose volume but still be weak. If it’s in parallel with the plus and minus power, if it dries out it

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2020-10-26 Wind Turbine Radical Designs

I was watching a wind turbine video on YouTube and I was thinking about why they needed to have this big cylindrical tower that’s solid and has a lot of resistance to the flow of air. The one obvious reason is so that the maintenance people can go up the stairs or lift without getting

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2020-10-25 Facebook Allows Breitbart; Wikipedia Bans; Death Threats From Trump Supporters

From Media Bias/Fact Check Breitbart Quote >> In October 2018, Breitbart was banned as a reliable source in Wikipedia. Further, they were added as a reliable news source to Facebook’s new news initiative. This decision was met by harsh criticism by several media outlets, including Media Bias Fact Check. << *************************** The nasty side of

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2020-10-24 Aligning AM Radios

Joe Leonard I’m not a pro at aligning radios and there are different techniques that a manufacturer may recommend. Some radios have alignment instructions with the schematic and parts list. With that in mind, I’ll say.. The IF cans with the screwdriver slots on their tops are aligned at the factory and usually locked with

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2020-10-22 All Talk And No Action

During this evening’s debate, Trump said, three times “You’re all talk and no action (with these politicians).” Trump has no room to talk. He has done very poorly on all the talk — promises — he hasn’t fulfilled. Trump also used the term ‘these politicians’. He is forgetting that when he was elected, he became

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