2021-07-26 Nuclear Fusion Research Is A Waste Of Money

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Paddy Mendez
The money spent on fusion research is wasted because thermonuclear fusion is *already* available, free of charge, to anyone who wants it. That wasted fusion money could have instead been spent on “pure scientific research” and “a great many advances [could] have come from them and many more to follow” if that wasted money had been spent on harvesting that 800 watts per square meter of thermonuclear fusion that’s *already* available.

To paraphrase you, “How can you present yourself as knowledgeable, and not recognize” that the big business wants a source of power that only big business has the resources to build and operate. Anyone with a parabolic mirror or solar PV system can generate all the power they need, that’s why big business wants the government(s) to fund this 60 plus year waste of money, they’re not willing to take on the 100 plus billion dollar risk. It’s been going on for 60 years, and every year they still say fusion is another 20 years away. The ITER is finished after 2040, then they’ll fund the Demo until 2060. I’ll be long dead and I really don’t give a care what happens. But I believe it’s a dead end because of the statements made in this YouTube Tech For Luddites video.


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