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2021-01-31 Frontline Interview: Olivia Troye

This is an insight into what went on in the White House, witnessed by Vice President Pence’s advisor, Ms. Olivia Troye. They were supposed to have a meeting on the weekend about something important for this country. Instead of sticking to the agenda, Trump spent time complaining about the way the Fox News host was

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2021-01-30 Pandemics: History And Prevention

I got a lot of information from this lecture. The Avian flu was harmless to waterfowl, but when humans started raising chickens in <factory farms> where the chickens are confined too close to one another, the flu virus spread to infect their lungs. The confined chickens allow the virus to spread rapidly through the flock,

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2021-01-30 9 Volt, 6 C Cell Battery Holders

For bigger radios which may have a battery holder that has corroded or broken. This has a snap-on battery connector.

2021-01-29 CEOs Don’t Care About Democracy

It’s a sad fact that what he says is true: the US is a dollarocracy, not democracy.


2021-01-29 Gigafactory Texas Timelines & Map

From Joe’s video of Jan 29.

2021-01-28 Voter ID Restriction Bills

The Republicans want to restrict the rights of voters to make it more difficult for people of color to vote. More attempts to skew elections in their favor.


2021-01-28 Court Strikes Down Trump’s ACE Rule

The EPA under Trump was unbelievably evil, trying to undo the regulations that protect us. They have been caught again, doing an illegal cancellation of previous regulations. Shame on Trump! :-()

2021-01-26 How Tesla Builds Cars So Fast

It takes 90 minutes for each EV to be assembled and out the door. An EV order can be completed in 3 to 5 days.


2021-01-27 Most Mammals Are Livestock

On Earth the weight of the livestock far exceeds the weight of all humans and all other mammals. This is another reason why we must reduce our consumption of meat. Quote from << Measured by weight, or biomass, wild animals today only account for 4% of mammals on Earth, with humans (36%) and livestock

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2021-01-27 Report On Monopolized Energy Sector

A few big corporations are monopolizing the energy sector, and causing the US to lag behind when it comes to clean renewables, and maximizing profits at the expense of the consumer.

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