2021-01-31 Frontline Interview: Olivia Troye

This is an insight into what went on in the White House, witnessed by Vice President Pence’s advisor, Ms. Olivia Troye. They were supposed to have a meeting on the weekend about something important for this country. Instead of sticking to the agenda, Trump spent time complaining about the way the Fox News host was talking about him. V.P. Pence was too wimpish to assert himself and ask Trump to get to the agenda.


“… When you look around and see what is happening … to America; and to the ugliness this president is leaving in his legacy, for the Republican Party, especially … when you dance with the devil, you really get burned.”

“… This is what [Trump] does. This is how he operates. … He makes rash decisions and he tells everyone, and his supporters that he’s going to do them. At times when it doesn’t work out, he needs a scapegoat. And so the scapegoat at that time, for the healthcare policy was Mitch McConnell. And Mitch McConnell was left thinking, okay I can either go along with this effort, or take a stand. But what does that mean for my political support? What does that mean for the supporters to the base of the party? And I think that that is the problem with the situation that the Republican Party is in right now with this president. He’s hijacked the party. The base, I would say, of the voting block right now is Trumpism. And that I think is the calculus that these Republican leaders take into account, with their actions, on everything that they do. It is ‘what is the detriment if I take a stand against him? What does that mean for my own political future?’ When you look around and you see what is happening to our country, and to America, and the ugliness that this president is leaving as his legacy, for the Republican Party especially … I think you have to make a decision for yourself on whether this is really what you stand for.”

This was a shameful example of how Trump ran the Executive Branch.

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