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2022-02-22 Ming Yang 16MW Wind Turbine Data

The biggest yet, this 16 MW wind turbine is still in development and will go offshore next year. It will generate 80 GWH annually.

2021-11-09 Felling Burned Out Wind Turbine

Controlled Demolition fells a ‘thermally damaged’ 2.4 MW wind turbine in Texas. Video is 2.5 minutes April 2021. Texas has 30 plus gigawatts of wind turbines.

2021_04_18 18 Point Rebuttal To Singer’s Anti-wind Turbine Letter

Singer seems to be a shill for the fossil fuel industry. She uses the term, Industrial Wind Turbine or IWT to attempt to associate wind turbines with industry, even though the wind turbines have nothing to do with industry – they’re located in the country or offshore. She goes on to say “… Then legislators

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