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2021-03-11 Today Is The 10th Anniversary Of The Japan Earthquake And Fukushima Disaster

Ten years ago today, the major earthquake hit off the coast of Japan, causing a tsunami that devastated Japan and caused the meltdown of three of the Fukushima Daiichi Power Plant’s reactors.

2021-03-06 Half Of California Lives Below A Line Through San Fernando Valley

This is interesting. Half of California’s population lives below a line through San Fernando Valley. Which side of the line do you live on?

2021-03-02 Republicans Put “At A Competitive Disadvantage”!!

I was watching the PBS Newshour this evening and they showed parts of the Supreme Court’s telephone hearing with the lawyers for the appellants in this suit about voting rights in Arizona. My jaw dropped to the ground when the Republican’s lawyer replied to Coney Barrett’s question. He said, “Because it puts Republicans at a

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2021-02-28 HR-1 Voting Rights Bill

An article about a high priority bill the Democrats introduced. A “sweeping overhaul of ethics and election laws.” What is now the “Democrat Politician Protection Act” according to Mitch McConnell, would have been a bipartisan bill 50 years ago. The Republicans stopped supporting voting rights because the voting rights made it less restrictive and easier

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2021-02-13 Trump’s 2nd Impeachment, 2nd Acquittal

A friend asked me what I thought about the results of the second impeachment. I had seen the newsmedia that said that they had talked to some of the Republicans and there was a consensus that there would not be the two-thirds of the votes needed to convict Trump. So when the final votes were

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2021-02-10 Survey: Should Trump Be Convicted?

The Senate proceedings of the impeachment of Trump are ongoing this week. PBS Newshour put a survey on YouTube asking if Trump should be convicted. Over 80 thousand votes and more that two convict votes for every no conviction. An interesting comment: << John Weber What I have learned from this past Presidency: 1. It’s

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2021-02-04 Iceberg Threatened S. Georgia Is. Is Melting

The trillion ton A68 iceberg broke off of the antarctic ice shelf in 2017 and has been floating around down there since, slowly melting. This is the one they said was the size of Delaware. The Brits are studying it to see what effects it’s having on the wildlife. The Thwaites Ice Shelf is being

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2021-02-01 Trump Influence On Congressmen

Yes, that’s being brought up in the media. My opinion is that those congressmen who vote to not convict Trump after the trial should have to answer for their malfeasance. I’ve been finding out more about what media believes Trump will do. They figure that if a Republican congressman does not stay loyal to Trump,

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2021-01-25 Put Vets Before Illegals

From my FB reply: I don’t see why there has to be a choice between one or the other. I’m a veteran and I don’t believe any veteran should be mistreated or abandoned. The same with those who have suffered mistreatment or abandonment, many of whom are in the US illegally – there are more

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2021-01-23 Tesla Giga Texas Construction Map

From Joe’s video on this date. More diagrams here: Tesla’s video on 4680 battery The above drawing is from the south looking north. The following screenshot is from the north looking south.

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