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2021-03-17 CDC Undoing Damage From Trump Admin.

The junk Trump did to the politics wasn’t as damaging as the damage he did to the Center For Disease Control And Prevention. Trumpsters replaced legitimate scientific data with non-scientific, worthless junk, damaging the CDC’s reputation as a non-partisan source of accurate information. Now the new adminstration is trying to undo the damage that Trumpsters

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2021-03-15 Intro: First Principles Thinking Musk Uses

This blog intros you to the concept of First Principles Thinking that Elon Musk uses. Good examples, especially the flying car.

2021-02-09 Cathie Wood: EVs Half Of All Cars Sold In 5 Years And Other Predictions

Cathie Wood talks about EVs at about the 20 minute mark in this YouTube video. The first part is economics. She talks about digital wallets. She thinks 200 million digital wallets in the US, and it will put financial institutions in harm’s way. As part of automation, she talks about autonomous ride hailing. She says

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2021-02-04 Plant-based Diets Crucial To Global Wildlife

This is important. A quote: << Fixing the global food system would also tackle the climate crisis, the report said. The food system causes about 30% of all greenhouse gas emissions, with more than half coming from animals. Changes to food production could also tackle the ill health suffered by 3 billion people, who either

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2021-02-02 Vaccinations Saved 37 Million

Most of those saved were from measles. It’s a horrible fact that so many people have been scared away from vaccinations by the fear, uncertainty and doubt caused by the antivaxxers. These horrible people believe they are saving a few people, but in the end they are killing many more. Shame on them, they have

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2021-01-30 Pandemics: History And Prevention

I got a lot of information from this lecture. The Avian flu was harmless to waterfowl, but when humans started raising chickens in <factory farms> where the chickens are confined too close to one another, the flu virus spread to infect their lungs. The confined chickens allow the virus to spread rapidly through the flock,

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2021-01-27 Most Mammals Are Livestock

On Earth the weight of the livestock far exceeds the weight of all humans and all other mammals. This is another reason why we must reduce our consumption of meat. Quote from << Measured by weight, or biomass, wild animals today only account for 4% of mammals on Earth, with humans (36%) and livestock

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2021-01-245 TED: Eat Meat Less

Some good tips to transition to a low or no meat diet. The Earth needs you to help it feed more people and stop climate change. I also recommend Dr. Joel Fuhrman’s book Eat To Live Or he also has some more recent books, also cookbooks. He explains how you can reduce high blood pressure,

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2021-01-21 How The Sun Gives The Earth And Everything On It Life

Every second, by thermonuclear fusion, the Sun converts 564 million tons of hydrogen to 560 million tons of helium. Where did 4 million tons go? The 4 million tons that are missing are converted into energy – photons, including sunlight. This energy amounts to 380 billion Megawatts, or 380 million Gigawatts, or 380,000 Terawatts, or

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2021-01-19 Billion Dollar Water Bill In California

Maybe the state income tax should include a surcharge for water.

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