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2020-10-17 Much More Than ‘Just’ Climate Change – “A Life On Our Planet” Part 1

I was speculating while reading from “A Life On Our Planet” by Sir David Attenborough. Such revelations as what are in the Part 2 – What Lies Ahead section of this book. The nine parts of the circle he describes are being pushed toward or past the point of stability. Four of these have gone

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2020-10-17 “A Life On Our Planet”; IPBES Report On The State Of World Biodiversity

We are soiling our only nest — there is no other planet we can go to. It’s not a pretty picture of the future. From p.105 of “A Life On Our Planet” by Sir David Attenborough. >> I fear for those who will bear witness to the next 90 years, if we continue living as

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2020-10-17 Transistors Should Last For Much More Than Fifty Years

Reply from FB group Vintage Transistor Radios Jonathan Eastwood Said, “… never designed to last over 50 years…” That’s blasphemous. The germaniums were protected by a hermetically sealed package that used leads made out of kovar which has the same coefficient of thermal expansion as the glass they go through so that no air or

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2020-10-17 Facebook Restricting Left Leaning Websites

This sounds (again) like Zuck is bending over backwards to please the constantly complaining Right, who believe that everyone is trying to muzzle their mouths. It looks to me like the internet needs to establish a nonpartisan, independent entity where all statistics from media are aggregated and made transparent to everyone. This will allow the

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2020-10-16 Removing CO2 From The Atmosphere

Another thought that I had along with the Irrigate idea from yesterday was about removing CO2 from the atmosphere. The oceans cover 70% of the Earth’s surface but make up 97% of the planet’s inhabitable space due to its great depths. The oceans are already responsible for absorbing 40% of the CO2 from the atmosphere,

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2020-10-16 Rhodes Alumni Disown Coney Barrett

They’re not happy campers with her appointment to SCOTUS. Barrett graduated magna cum laude, meaning she is an intelligent person. Being intelligent does not mean you cannot be misinformed or uninformed. Some newsmedia said she may be associated with a religious cult.

2020-10-15 AM & Digital Radio Mondiale

Well, this article wants the Flunked Clown College to let DRM be one of the choices. It doesn’t matter to me because I don’t plan on spending anything on getting a device that will decode HD radio, FM or AM. Even if the next car I buy has it, I will still not be using

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2020-10-15 Irrigate With Moisture From Air

I’ve seen so many locations in Southern California that are pretty much barren mostly because the country is lacking water. The cost of water in So. Cal. is high because there are so many people that the water they need has to be imported from hundreds of miles away — as far as Northern California.

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2020-10-15 Head Of BLM Is Acting Illegally: Judge decrees

Hey, Pres. Trump! How does it feel to have an illegal as the head of your Bureau of Land Management department? Congrats! Now you’ve really made a mockery of your administration!

2020-10-14 $5 Trillion Asset Owners Commit to 29% Reduction in GHGs

This is very good news. The $5 trillion asset owners are committing to divest of 29% of greenhouse gas polluters. The pressure is on corporations that don’t make changes to reduce their carbon footprint.

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