2020-10-17 Facebook Restricting Left Leaning Websites

This sounds (again) like Zuck is bending over backwards to please the constantly complaining Right, who believe that everyone is trying to muzzle their mouths.

It looks to me like the internet needs to establish a nonpartisan, independent entity where all statistics from media are aggregated and made transparent to everyone. This will allow the results, good or bad, of what FB, Twitter, et. al. are causing to be visible to the whole world.

The Facebooks or Twitters or Googles or whatever must be transparent to what they are or aren’t doing to cause suffering to all of the newsmedia. As it said, Facebook is causing serious amounts of income to be lost by media companies. Facebook is so huge and dominant in the internet that it doesn’t realize how it’s affecting other companies, or if it does realize, it doesn’t care and doesn’t change.


One thing that might happen is other anomalies might be revealed. Like some governments or foreign entities might be causing distortions in the fabric of the internet. Scary thought that the ‘evil empires’ are causing problems in other parts of the world.

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