2020-10-15 AM & Digital Radio Mondiale

Well, this article wants the Flunked Clown College to let DRM be one of the choices. It doesn’t matter to me because I don’t plan on spending anything on getting a device that will decode HD radio, FM or AM. Even if the next car I buy has it, I will still not be using it.

My post was meant to find out what others think about losing the Analog AM signal. I sometimes listen to a single AM station, CBS’s KNX 1070 all news all the time. It really doesn’t matter much to me if AM loses the analog signal. If I want to listen to an AM signal, I’ll turn on my AM transmitter.


And I should’ve said the height of the antenna makes a big difference on signal strength too. Here in LaLa Land, the antennas for most of the TV stations and FM stations are on Mt Wilson, up a mile above the cities. The wildfires burned right up to the locations of the towers and the Mt Wilson Observatory. It could’ve knocked out over the air broadcasting for ten million people.

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