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2021-12-24 3 Solar Farms In Riverside Co. On Federal Land

The Biden administration is approving 3 large solar PV farm projects on BLM lands in Riverside County, California. These utility scale projects total nearly 1 Gigawatt capacity. Up to 25 more will be built in other states.

2020-10-15 Head Of BLM Is Acting Illegally: Judge decrees

Hey, Pres. Trump! How does it feel to have an illegal as the head of your Bureau of Land Management department? Congrats! Now you’ve really made a mockery of your administration!

2020-09-19 BLM Does Not Matter To Blacks

Black Lives Matter does not matter to blacks. I’m not sure why there are so many ‘blacktivist’ protesters on the street. They carry signs that say things like “Silence is Compliance” or “White Silence is Violence!” Maybe they just want to be seen on the News. Most black homicides are caused by blacks killing blacks.

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